Wonderfulpix is in fact Ian Cave and I live near Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds and have photographed flora, fauna and landscapes for several years. Photography was a hobby I originally learnt from my father when I was young. He had a darkroom in the roof at home where I used to develop my own black and white prints. After a break of many years I rekindled my interest and found that although technology had moved on, the real skill of capturing a strong image remains in the eye of the photographer. I still get a buzz from seeing pictures that convey strong emotions and I aspire to do so in my work.

Many earlier images were captured on film although I am now using digital cameras. I use a wide variety of textures and materials to showcase images including the giclée technique using the very highest quality pigment based inks to reduce fading by UV light. Other images are printed using photographic chemicals and paper.